Venezuelan punk band with strong lyrics and rough deep sound.
For Elaine, I wanted to create a spirit of freedom with a punk soul. I shot the cover with my friend jumping on a balcony until her skirt went all the way up and this was it. This is one of my favorite images, even now looking back to it. 
For the logo I wanted to create something that was a mix between handwriting and collage, so this was the result, and for the booklet I created a collage by hand per song, it was a synesthetic process and I created each while listening to each song in repeat. 

Argentinean indie band which album talked about coming to age with songs like: the presents, recess, pity and dance. I wanted to create an image of what a hangout basement looks like after everybody left and only the close friends stayed. It was a really fun project and my first direction from logo design, to production of the photo set, to the very final detail in the design of the booklet.
Lighting: Ka | Styling: Andrea Moreno
I created this custom type with a Globo shape. to contrast the messiness of the photos I wanted something more legible but also giving a hint to the name of the band.
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