Good News of 2017​​​​​​​
This is a campaign I ideated, wrote and produced for The Objective (a Spanish digital newspaper) to demonstrate that 2017 was not as bad as we all thought.
It is easier for our brains to remember bad stuff. It has to do with noradrenaline, a hormone that we segregate when we're under emotional distress, that's probably why it was almost impossible for people to remember something good that had happened in the -undoubtedly hectic- 2017.
But good stuff happened. A lot. And we wanted to help them remember that. That's why we designed a brochure to share with people with the Top 10 Good News that we have shared in the newspaper. We added 40 more news and we posted an article with 50 good news. And we went out and asked people their favourite good news.
Here's the post in The Objective's blog (in Spanish).
Idea & copy: Ana Laya
Design: Andreína Restrepo 
Idea: Ana Laya. Illustration: Andreína Restrepo.

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