Hi! my name is Andreina Restrepo. I've worked mostly as a freelancer for different agencies as a hybrid of in-house-not-really-physically-there kind of generalist.I studied Visual Communication and I have a background in print as well as motion graphics. Photography has always been a big love of mine too. 
Now I work as an ACD for 140 (Verizon's in-house Agency) for the Brand - Photo department. I create the Photo Library for the consumer side of the company. From inputs into creative development, through casting and location scout, working on set with Photographers and Stylists and Art Department, ending with selection the final images that will populate the library and hopefully cover the needs of retail, .com and all uses consumer facing. I love working with great talent and every shoot I learn more of how important it is to work with people who are great at their job and how their greatness shines when you let them do it, by giving them enough freedom with a clear direction.
 I was born and raised in the sunny/messy/green valley of Caracas, Venezuela. Surrounded by mango trees and tropical perfect weather. I graduated from ProDiseño, a very progressive school of design with Bauhaus fundamental views and values. We were taught that "everything is design" and everything communicates. My experiences there changed the way I perceive the world around me. I wanted to explore living in different places after I graduated. I spent 4 seasons in Barcelona, Spain, then 5 years in Buenos Aires and for the last 10 years I've been living in Brooklyn, NY with my family.
Thanks for stopping by!
contact me at: piancita@gmail.com
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